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Best Ways to Immerse Yourself in American Culture!!!!

To get a better idea of local American cultures you need to: You need to be able to speak, read, and write English in order to communicate. Attend festivals, cultural shows, and other local events. These events help you expand your knowledge and see local cultures firsthand. In addition, it is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Partake in local cuisine. Eat outside your normal “comfort” zone and try new foods that are available locally. Dress the part. Dress like you are a local and not a tourist. People will tend to be more open and engaging. Read about local customs, holidays, and other information about a particular area before leaving home Talk to Others. Talk with any family or friends that have been or will be in the town or city you are going to. They will be able to easily help you out because they were once in your shoes.  Have an Open Mind.  This is important in many circumstances, but especially when traveling. Not everything is going to be how you

Words to practice that have the sound /ae/

1. This is your last chance to give me an accurate answer.                                           2.  Sam sat at the back of the math class.                                          3. Danny had a salad and a sandwich in the cafeteria.                                          4. Nancy has a bad attitude in her Spanish class.                                          5. Kathy would rather study acting at the national academy.

Mastering the American Accent at American Cultural Immersion with Jessica

How to Pronounce the ae sound? What is the ae sound?  In American English, we have vowels that we pronounce to make us sound the way we do. Most people that do not speak English as their first language learned British English. British English does not have the /ae/ sound as part of their vowel system. Most non-native speakers tend to pronounce the sound I am about to teach you as an ah /a/.  How to pronounce the æ sound To pronounce this sound you need to do a few things: - This is much easier then it looks so don't worry just follow the directions. Place your tongue at th e bottom of the front of your mouth (here is a picture). The tip of your tongue should dig slightly into the bottom front teeth (tip of tongue needs to touch inner bottom front teeth). Open your jaw wide and make sure your tongue is down in the front.  Unrounded refers to your lips because they are stretched out as if you are smiling and not rounded. Some important topics covered in


ACCENT REDUCTION TRAINING AND AMERICAN PRONUNCIATION TRAINING PROGRAM  (Hartford, Farmington, W. Hartford, Avon)   hide this posting © craigslist - Map data ©  OpenStreetMap 30 Arbor Street ( google map ) How It Works 1. Choose a Plan Choose how many lessons a week you will take. You can make changes as needed in the future. 2. Signup Create your account and tell us your goal. This will help us in matching the right teacher with you. What You'll Learn Accent Mechanics Mouth morphs and movements that are unique to the American dialect. We don't just repeat to you what the sound is, we show you exactly how to make it. Intonation A wide variety of tones that help you to put the right feeling behind the things you say. Sense Stress Many things are implied in conversational English. This will help you to master reading and speaking "between the lines". Modulation Native English speakers have a distinctive rhythm due to a combin

CALL US TODAY: Speak Like Amazing English!

Are you a non-native English Speaker struggling with the communication  (Upper East Side)   hide this posting © craigslist - Map data ©  OpenStreetMap 542 East 79th Street ( google map ) Are you a non-native English Speaker struggling with the communication? If so, American Cultural Immersion will design a curriculum tailored to you! Each individual works one on one with a certified teacher. Our goal is to make sure you graduate from our program a confident speaker that will flourish in any professional setting American Cultural Immersion offers a variety of resources to help you reach your goal. Our program includes: -Learning to speak at a consistent speaking rate @ 150 words per minute. -Clear pronunciation: starting with all the American Consonants. -Word stress ( knowing where the heavy accented syllable is and being able to hear 3 degrees of stress in a polysyllabic word) -Separating nouns and verbs by using the correct stress

One-to-One learn Business English six week training program at American Cultural Immersion!

The first session is free and will give you a chance to meet with your teacher or writing coach so you get to know one another and then discuss your primary needs. Next, we will have you put together an essay to the best of your ability so you can get across what you would like to express. Then we will meet with you and get started on editing the essay and perfecting it for you one page at a time. We also offer: Intensive One-to-One learn Business English in our Adobe Connect classroom directly to your office or home with an emphasis on developing rapidly Business English skills and allowing maximum attention and focus on your weaknesses. This is an intensive six-week online program which will require you to attend two 90 minute lessons per week in order to strengthen your weaknesses rapidly. Our Intensive One-to-One learn Business English six week training program covers the following areas, subject to your personal and professional needs: English grammar revision Development of E